Laser Scoring and Perforation System

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Easy Tearing Line Laser Marking Machine Package Film Printing Machine
1.Brief Introduction

As the high-tech product, CO2 Dynamic Laser Marking Machine adopts the technologies of Laser, Optics, Precision Machinery, Electronic technology, PC software technology and Cooling Project.
The machine adopts the 10.64um CO2 laser source, which can satisfy the application in different industries such as marking, cutting, engraving, color removal, paint processing, material micro-processing and etc. The equipment adopts Aluminum frame structure, and the latest motor driving in the whole worktable platform to ensure the stable qualities. The adjustment of laser optical path is driven by two galvanometer motors(XY), and the third axis is driven by pre-scanning gathered system to make a wildly adjustment for focus distance.

 Laser in Flexible Packaging

Laser technology offers a range of applications in the flexible packaging industry, providing precise and efficient solutions.Some key uses of lasers in flexible packaging include:

1. Perforation
Laser technology can be employed for creating micro-perforations in flexible packaging materials. This is useful for controlled
gas and moisture exchange, extending the shelf life of packaged products like fresh produce or snacks.
2. Scoring and Cutting
Lasers are effective in scoring and cutting flexible packaging materials with high precision. This is particularly beneficial for creating easy-open features on packaging or for intricate designs, ensuring clean and accurate cuts without damaging the material.
3. Window opening

Laser technology can be used to create precise and customizable openings or transparent windows in flexible packaging materials.

Easy opening                                                                                        Breathing holes                                                                                 Window opening






The CO2 Laser Scoring and Perforation System is widely used in the PVC、PE、PET、AOPP、MOPP and composite package materials, shrink sleeve, shrink label easy tearing line high speed laser scoring perforating and some soft packing air permeable hole laser perforating.

Laser Head Model

Laser scoring in web-direction onlyLaser mircro perforationMulti-head availableLaser power: 30W/55W/70W/100W

Galvo Head Model


Laser scoring in Cross web-direction

Laser micro perforation

Small hole cutting

Multi-head available

Laser power: 55W/70W/100W

Working area:


3D Galvo Head Model

Laser scoring in Cross web-direction

Small hole cutting

Window opening

Multi-head available

Laser power: 250W

Working area: