SP100J Portable laser cleaner Machine

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SP100J Portable laser cleaner Machine


Portable laser cleaning equipment is a new generation of laser cleaning products of our company. The equipment is small and easy to carry and follow. The hand-held cleaning head is light and easy to control, convenient and flexible to operate, and can be used in various working conditions. At present, it has been widely used in nuclear power, automobiles, ships, municipal engineering, machining, molds, petrochemicals, rail transit, electronics, cultural relics restoration and other industries.


Has excellent beam quality;

No contact, no wear, no stress, no damage to the part matrix;

No consumables, no pollution, no noise, energy saving and environmental protection, and the comprehensive use cost is lower;

Laser power, pulse width, optical band width and speed are adjustable, and the cleaning efficiency is high;

1. It can be matched with an automatic mechanism to realize automatic cleaning,

2. The laser cleaning head is lightweight and can be operated by hand for a long time.

3. It can meet various complex surface modeling cleaning, and can realize selective cleaning of precise position and precise size.

4. The cleaning system is stable and requires almost no post-maintenance.

5. Portable trolley case design, can be transported by high-speed rail or air,

6. High-strength injection molding box, stable structure, wear-resistant, shock-proof and anti-fall.

Application range:
Coating removal on metal and glass surfaces, high-speed paint removal;
Derusting and deburring metal surfaces, removing various oxides;
Remove resin, oil stains, residual glue, dust and other contaminants on the surface of the material;
Surface cleaning of cultural relics, rocks and buildings;
Machinery, electronics, food mold cleaning;
Treatment before and after welding to remove oil, rust and residue on the surface of the material before welding, and oxides and residues after welding.