Laser descaling machine cleaning method

Laser descaling machine cleaning method

1. Laser dry cleaning method. The laser directly illuminates the surface of the object, and after contaminating the particles or the surface absorbs energy, the particles are separated from the surface by thermal diffusion, photolysis, gasification, and the like.

2. Laser wet cleaning method. Spray some non-polluting liquid (mainly water, sometimes alcohol) on the surface of the material to be cleaned, and then irradiate it with laser. After the liquid medium absorbs the laser energy, it will explode and vaporize, and push the surrounding polluted particles away from the surface of the material. . In addition, a so-called laser duplex cleaning method has been proposed. The laser energy is absorbed by the substrate material, and then the condensed intermediate medium is heated by heat convection, and the intermediate medium is explosively vaporized. Under the promotion of high airflow, the particles are separated from the substrate surface together with the intermediate medium.

3 Laser + inert gas method, that is, while irradiating the laser, the inert gas is blown to the surface of the substrate. When the dirt is peeled off from the surface, it will be immediately blown off the surface by the gas to avoid re-contamination and oxidation of the surface; After loosening, clean with non-corrosive chemical methods.


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