Why Different Manufacturers Different Prices of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Why Different Manufacturers Different Prices of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Almost all customers consult laser marking equipment is to put the price first, rather than to put the cost-effective first. “Comparative goods” is the commonality of all people when they buy products, but compared to the same conditions: something that shows value is immediately obvious. For example: the phenomenon in Alibaba, fiber laser marking machine prices varied, your expensive price up to more than 100,000, as low as 20,000 to 30,000. This makes consumers wonder, not knowing what kind of marking machine to buy. More than 100,000 were too expensive and 20,000 were worried about quality. In fact, whether manufacturers offer more than 100,000 or 20,000, they have their own reasons, because they understand the value of money.

Today, editor of Keslon Laser gives us an analysis: Why did you worry about tangled prices when you purchased a marking machine? What is the value of comprehensive consideration? Fiber laser marking machine prices Why are many manufacturers not the same?


Nowadays fiber laser marking machines are all modularized. A machine is made up of several modules that are combined together. The most basic one is: laser, fiber optic galvanometer, marking card, galvanometer , Red light, beam expander, laser power supply, marking card power supply, fiber optic marking machine cabinets and other accessories modules. Among these accessories, the fiber laser is the most important part, and it is also the component with the largest price difference.


A marking machine, what model the laser uses, will largely determine the price of this machine, of course, also affect the quality of this marking machine. In general, the quality of expensive things is also relatively better, especially imported IPG lasers are definitely better than home-made lasers, so we chose a marking machine. First of all, we have to look at what brand of laser is used by this marking machine.


Taking a 20-watt fiber laser as an example, the lasers are generally classified into the following types: IPG-MOPA, SPI-MOPA, IPG, Q-switch, Jupiter MOPA, Raycus, Chuangxin, 26 units, high-energy , China Bida, Yipin Laser, Jitai, Oukai 2 and other brands. The actual price is based on the purchase price. Imports are certainly more expensive than domestic ones. This is one of the reasons that affect the price of fiber laser marking machines. Everyone knows one penny one quality.


Therefore, when people purchase fiber laser marking machines, price and cost performance cannot be ignored. Instead of buying a marking machine that often fails, it’s better to buy a configured one. Although the cost is a bit higher, from a long-term point of view, timeliness, productivity, quality … you can imagine it.

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