SC50-SC100 50W-100W Low Power Laser Cleaner

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SC50 -SC100  50W-100W Low Power Laser Cleaner

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Using the latest generation of powerful pulsed chemicals, no media, no dust, nor any acids or dry ice cleaning is necessary.

Allows autofocus precise surface cleaning, and controlled depth cleanliness. Removal of resin, stains, debris, rust, coating and paint on almost any surface.

The cleaning effect is smooth, fast, and deliberate without any damage to base metal or original surface.

Product benefits:

1. Portable: compact, wearable, ergonomic, and handheld single operator use.

2. Efficiency is high, saving time and no-expensive consumables

3. Non-contact: safe laser cleaning without manual grinding

4. No pollution: no chemicals or media and harmful by-products.

5. Lightweight: portability for difficult access, heights and elevated work platforms

6.No maintenance for approx 100,000 hours operation.


► Laser Portable cleaning with international standards, using new Power Boosted Pulse Laser Technology.

► Optional laser models: KSL-SC50 and KSL-SC100

► Precision cleaning for exact positioning and smaller sensitive selective cleaning of objects.

► Easy operation, power on and ready to use. Automated cleaning can be done by hand or with automated robot.

► Cleaning efficiency saves time, no preparation or post cleanup required

Application range:

► Metal surface de-rusting; Graffiti removal

► Surface paint removal and de-scaling paint removal.The Laser Paint Removal Machine quickly removes paint from material surfaces.

► Surface stains, Engine Oils and Cooking grease almost any debris.

► Surface plating and powder coating.

► Welding NDT pre-treatment of surface, joints and welding slag.

► Ageing mold and algae off stone relics and monumental surfaces.

► Rubber Mold and Metal Castings.

Application industry:

NDT Mining, Rust Removal, automobile and marine restoration, filtration cleaning, Laser Paint Removal ,machinery maintenance, metal fabricators, restoration industries, Paint Laser Descaler.