HG500-1000 500W-1000W High Power Industrial Laser Cleaner

KSL-HG Series 500W-1000W High Power Industrial Laser Cleaner

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HG500-1000  500W-1000W High Power Industrial Laser Cleaner

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Keslon introduced HG500/HG1000 Laser Cleaner and De-Scalers to meet applications such as heavy rust, thick paint stripping, deep oxide layer cleaning, aircraft, automotive restoration and more.

The use of our metal surface laser cleaning descaler is an advanced non-contact cleaning technology. Our new KSL-HG500/1000w Laser Cleaners are rust and paint removers are equipped with customised turbo powered German IPG, PowerPack Pulsed Laser engines now producing 20-25% more power than competitors equivalent wattage. The PowerPack range is water cooled with a connected chiller side by side.

Application: This laser-descaling machine is widely used in the mold cleaning industry, automobile manufacturing and restoration, ship maintenance, aircraft restoration, organic pollution treatment, rubber molds, petrochemical and other industries.

Scope of application: This Hi-Performance laser cleaning and descaling machines can quickly remove paint and heavy coatings on metal or any hard surface, rust, and various pollution oxides, grease, resin, glue, dust, stains, residues, on rough metal surfaces. The laser cleaning descaler also removes motor and cooking oil stains, NDT post-weld oxides and treats residues before soldering and slag cleaning. Mold cleaning such as rubber molds, electronic and food stainless steel Vats and molds. After production and processing, the aged stains of precision parts can be removed. This laser remover series are so hi-powered to efficiently clean nuclear rotor components and maintenance.

Product Benefits

1. We offer from 5 or 100 meters Fiber-optic cables to meet the different needs of this laser metal rust remover.

2. Our Handheld Laser Rust Remover is suitable for a variety of materials; the industrial laser rust remover can be widely and flexibly used in many industries.

3. Equipped with a hand-held cleaning head, the industrial laser rust remover is easy to control and can be used for extended periods of operation.

4. The Hi-Performance Laser Descaler can work safely with great stability even in a very harsh working environment.

5. No media use, our industrial laser rust remover adopts integrated design and customised for any power needs from SP 240/110V or 3 Phrase power.

6. Use of our Handheld Laser Rust Remover to select the exact position for tight and sensitive cleaning.


Technical Parameters

Laser Power 500W/1000W
Power Ajdustable Range 10-100%
Focal Length 250mm
Single Pulse Energy 1mJ-100mJ
Scan Width 5-80mm
Rust Removal Efficiency 24m2/h-50m2/h
Paint Removal Efficiency 24m2/h-80m2/h