Laser Cleaning Machine
Keslon has been focusing on the technical development of the laser cleaning machine. Provides leading, high-quality Laser Cleaner Machine and perfect Technical services involving aerospace, ships, rail transit, automobiles, gold. Our laser cleaning system in the field of manufacturing, electronics and other has a large number of high-end customers at home and abroad Household groups. Laaser cleaning application Field 1)Laser rust removal: Laser Cleaner Machine can be easily removal rust. After removal, the surface is restored to a bright metallic color 2)Laser Oil removal:Metal surface oil cleaning (can remove oxide film at the same time) 3)Laser paint removal: Laser paint removal machine can Removal various paints on various substrates 4)Stripping coating:Laser sandblasting machine can remocalgalvanized layer, aluminized layer, protective coating, etc. 5)Removal of aluminum alloy: titanium alloy, copper alloy oxide film 6)Pre-weld pretreatment:After the aluminum alloy is pretreated by Laser sandblasting, the welding porosity defects are effectively suppressed 7)Cleaning after welding:Laser cleaning welding machine Can remove post-weld oxide film and residue 8) Mold cleaning: Industrial laser cleaning machines can quickly clean molds without harming the mold surface